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We’ve updated our search page

Now you can search influencers, and view their content. See what hashtags they use and look at their metrics If you’re an influencer, this is a great way to demonstrate to your future clients how good your content is with not just how many likes or followers you have put how appealing your followers find…

Let’s Start With Why:

So why does FitBeau exist? The rise of obesity in both adults and children in US and UK is such a big health concern today, that its been called an epedemic. Even the fastest growing economies is the world China and India have the fastest growth of obese childern. Our world’s largest and fastest growing…

Influencer Marketing is the New Face of Advertising

The fitness and beauty industries are worth a combined $3.7 trillion according to the Global Wellness Institute. These markets have grown over 10% in the last two years alone and a lot of that growth can be attributed to the latest trend in advertising; influencer marketing

Beauty and Fitness Influencer Marketing 101

It’s no secret that social media has paved the way for a new wave of Internet “stars,” or “influencers,” to turn their hobbies and passions into business empires through the use of social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.